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The problem of flatulence is an extremely difficult one to solve. The reason is that there are a large number of possible causes for flatulence. Different people could have different underlying reason for their flatulence problem. Flatulence is a normal phenomenon. It is not a disease. It cannot be completely avoided. It is impossible to completely stop the gas. As long as we eat, gas is inevitable.

What is not normal is frequent foul smelling gas and the bloating and pain and aches that comes along with the flatulence. Persistence foul smelling flatulence causes very difficult social situations for a person to deal with. It could easily become overwhelming. Many people become depressed and lose their self confidence. It becomes very difficult to focus on your routine day to day affairs.

Many times there is an underlying disease that causes the flatulence symptoms. In such cases we need to identify and detect this disease and with proper treatment, symptoms go away. Other times the enzyme deficiency is the reason. We just need to find out whether the deficiency is present or not. Once a deficiency is identified there are multiple ways to address the deficiency. Lastly the food choices that we make strongly influences the amount and the nature of the flatus that is produced. Unfortunately as you will see, it is a big trade off. The food that is the best for overall health are among the worst culprits when it comes to flatulence. So one has to think really hard, whether it is a trade off worth making or not. Obviously you do not want to jeopardize your overall bodily health just to address the flatulence. Luckily there is middle ground possible in most situations. Lastly some people are not bothered too much by the foul smelling gas that they produce and they do their best to reduce the discomfort of the people around them and they just move on happily with their lives.

There is hope for those who suffer. There are definitive ways in which one can address the issue of foul smelling gas. It is not at all easy to alleviate this problem. It takes a systematic process and patience to overcome this problem. If one has the self discipline and the determination one can overcome this problem.